*Updated* How to open Blocked, Banned YouTube and Download Videos in Pakistan 100% Working *Updated*

*Updated* How to open Blocked, Banned YouTube in Pakistan and Download Videos 100% Working Tutorial: *Updated*


This is my second tutorial and I’ve put a considerable amount of time in preparing it so hopefully everyone will understand it easily.

This tutorial is about how to open blocked, banned or restricted sites like YouTube and then download the videos from YouTube.

Mainly this tutorial is aimed for Pakistani as YouTube has been blocked in Pakistan recently.

But other folks around the globe(wherever YouTube is banned) may find it helpful too. Hopefully!!

Lets Get Started folks..

1. First go to humoom.wordpress.com and download the Hotspot Shield Elite 2.67 and Install it.

Installation Instructions:

1. Download the Hotspot Shield Elite 2.67.

Step 1.1

Step 1.2

2. Unrar it by using WinRAR, 7zip or WinZip or any other compression software.

Step 2

There’s a file named Read Me in the Folder, you can read it and proceed as instructed. or Follow this Pictures aided easy tutorial.

3. Go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc and open file named “hosts” with notepad or any other editor.

Step 3.1

Step 3.2

Step 3.3


4. Copy the Code given in the Read Me file and Paste the code just BELOW the last line of “hosts” file.

Step 4.1

Step 4.2

5. Save it by going to File> Save or pressing Ctrl+S. (You may have to save the file somewhere else and then replace the original file with this new one.) If successful continue to Step 6. If not read below lines..

Step 5

>> If Windows does not let you save the file, or there is no “hosts” file in “etc” directory skip Step 3, Step 4 and Step 5 and proceed to Alternative Step. <<

Alternative Step: Replace the “hosts” file in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc with the “hosts” file I provided. To do that Copy the “hosts” file from the setup Folder.

Step Alternative 1.1

And Paste it into the C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc directory to replace the already present “hosts” file.

Step Alternative 1.2

Press “Continue” at the Next Screen which will popup asking for permission.

Step Alternative 1.3

In some circumstances Win7 will still wont let you replace the file. So do these to get around it. Right Click the “hosts” file in the C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc directory and click Properties.

Step Alternative 2.1

In the Properties screen down at the bottom there will be a option “Read only” under Attributes. It will be checked.

Step Alternative 2.2

“Uncheck” it and press Apply and then OK.

Step Alternative 2.3

Now you can proceed from step Alternative 1.1 to 1.3 to replace the “hosts” file.

If you still can’t replace the file and instead of replacing the file Win7 make a file “hosts-copy”, do this step. Delete the “hosts” file and “hosts-copy” file(if there’s any). And then proceed from step Alternative 1.1 to 1.3 to replace the “hosts” file. And Continue to Step 6.

Step Alternative 3

6. Right click HSSE.exe in Setup directory and “Run as administrator” and install.

Step 6.1

Proceed through the installation process. Uncheck the option “Launch After Installation” during installation process or After the installation has completed. Click or Press “Finish”

Step 6.2

6. Restart your PC. (Its optional though in my opinion)

7. Last step and very important step. Press “Connect”, if it does not connect automatically, after launching the Hotspot Shield Launch Shortcut from your desktop.

Step 7.1

The App will work like its scanning. On display message “Reconnecting to secure servers”.

Step 7.2

Wait for the App to display “Connected” And eventually “Protected”.

Step 7.3

And here you go folks. You are Using Hotspot Shield Elite 2.67 for free. Cheers! 🙂

8. Now you can access YouTube in your browser. To download videos from YouTube, you need IDM. Download it HERE.

Download IDM, install it and run it. Now open any video on YouTube in your browser and there will be a IDM download panel on top of the video(it may be at bottom of the screen). See the screenshot below.

Step 8.1

I’ve changed settings of my IDM that’s why the panel is in mini mode. You may see the full mode panel. To change settings(this bit is optional), open IDM, go to Tab Downloads>Options. And there at the bottom something like this will be written: “Customize IDM Download panels in browsers”. “Edit” it. On the new window choose mini mode or full mode.

Step 8.2-Optional

Click the IDM download panel displayed in you browser on top of the video and select the video’s format(mp4 or flv) and quality(360p, 480p, 720p etc) in which you want to download the video.

Step 8.3

IDM will start downloading the file.

Step 8.4

Wait  for the download to finish and Voila!! Enjoy! 🙂

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And that’s all for now. Cheers!!


29 thoughts on “*Updated* How to open Blocked, Banned YouTube and Download Videos in Pakistan 100% Working *Updated*

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  2. Normally I don’t read article on blogs, but I wish to say that this write-up very pressured me to try and do so! Your writing taste has been amazed me. Thanks, very nice article.

    • Thanks for the nice comment and for visiting blog and liking this post.
      Just Do give me suggestions to improve my blog.
      And do Follow me to get my posts and stay up-to-date. Keep visiting my blog!

    • Thanks for the comment and for visiting and liking my blog and posts.
      Just Do give me suggestions to improve my blog.
      And do Follow me to get my posts and stay up-to-date. Keep visiting my blog!

      • dear humayoon its very good and working but one thing i would like to ask from you that the downloaded songs and not running neither on VLC nor real player enven not on the media player, can you tell me how downloaded songs can be run on PC is there any other soft ware for running the songs. waiting for your response. this is my email id. khalidshafiq21@yahoo.com

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    • Welcome..! 🙂
      Thanks for visiting and liking my blog and post.
      I’m glad that my blog provided you some help.. Keep visiting my blog to get more.. 🙂
      Subscribe and Follow Me to get my posts in your mail to stay up-to-date. Cheers!

  4. Dear humoom, On internet, Today I have found something really worthy. And That is your blog. Special Thanks for this post.

    • Thanks for visiting and liking my blog and posts.
      I’m glad that you rated my blog as worthy find. I’m flattered. Thank you so much.
      Do give me suggestions to improve my blog. Subscribe and Follow Me to get my posts in your mail to stay up-to-date. Keep visiting my blog. Cheers!

    • Its working fine for me. Im having no issues at all. Im typing this comment while connected through Hotspot. I dont know why its not working for you guys. Just re-install it. Do paste crack codes in the “hosts” file again. Let me know if this dont work.

  5. first my page wasn’t opening and i try again and again then i disable it and then connect it with option one (yes you don’t have option in it but i have 3 option and i click on fist one)
    and know it works but i don’t know how long it will.
    i also use other tricks and it works but not any more.
    one of the easy method i used is a paste youtube url in hidemyass.com and it plays you.

  6. Humoom Bhai I get the error that

    hotspot shield has detected an internal error

    please tell me how to fix and once if i click “fix it now” it would update it causing it to stop working 😦

    Please tell me the fix!

  7. bahi ap ka bht shukria ma na hotspot window 7 me try kia tha lekan waha nahi chala ab ma na window xp 2006 ma install kia ha wahan best chal kara ha thanks for upload and keep it up

  8. Thanks for your help ,but in step 6, i dont have the Run as administrator option.can you help me with this plz?

  9. TY for your efforts in bringing solutions to needy people.

    Could you please do a tutorial for Mac OS too? The link you’ve provided for the download is I think for Windows only.

  10. Thanks, I downloaded Hotspots 2.67 but it gives me this error.TypeError: Unable to get property ‘trim’ of undefined or null reference. Secondly it automatically shift to version 3.31 which gives the data limit notification and advertisement. Can you possibly fix it.

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